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16 May '17

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Brought To You By Our Sponsor?

You finally pay your way into placing your awesome ad campaign in between YouTube clips, only to find an ‘ISIS’ video starts in 3, 2, 1, booooom.

Talk about a PR nightmare.

Recently AT&T and Johnson & Johnson were … Read More

25 Apr '17

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Smart homes have been considered science fiction since movies had sound. Remember the movie Smart House?

Now everything in our house is smart. You can just walk into a store and buy something to make your dumb home a brainiac.

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04 Apr '17

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How Not to Recover from E-Coli

We once revered Chipotle — the food, and the ‘tude.

The black and white billboards with just a massive, foil-wrapped burrito sang to us (yes, we hear music in mole.)

But lo how far they’ve fallen.

The once ‘anti-marketer’ now … Read More

23 Mar '17

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Gross vs ‘GROSS!!!!’

We’ve all seen ads that make us look twice. Maybe some vibrant visual caught your eye. OR maybe the headline was really provocative. Or maybe the ad was just plain gross — and you were in awe that something that … Read More

02 Mar '17

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World Within A World

We all know virtual reality is here to stay.

It changed the game for gamers. And has been changing the way marketers think.

With new ads like the Cisco Spark Space Hotel and 7UP’s Concert for the Deaf making waves, … Read More

07 Feb '17

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The #1 Satirical SuperBowl Ad!

Yes, we came across this harrowing first-person account on the devastating bankruptcy caused by Cards Against Humanity’s Super Bowl ad attempt!

Oh sock puppet-spokesdogs, and gerbil-firing canons, we’ve missed ye.

And while no Kardashian’s were harmed in the … Read More

Do you #knownearby ?

Google loves to explore the unknown…

By using the power of Twitter, Google has been able to learn and understand the language of Emojis. When you tweet [insert emoji] @Google, an automatic reply generates a GIF of a Google Search … Read More

Millennials Trust Advertising More Than Older Generations

=Studies have shown that millennials are the “cynical” generation, that very few believe other people can be trusted.

Yet when it comes to advertising, the opposite is true: According to a new Clutch survey of 1,000 consumers across the U.S., … Read More

The Power of Viral Challenges

In 2014, the ALS* Ice Bucket Challenge became a social media hit. With its amazing viral success, the challenge was able to bring awareness of the disease, create laughter, and raise over $100 million for ALS research.

To keep the … Read More

Caution: Testing in progress…

Everyone knows video ads on mobile can be powerful.  But Google being Google, they want to know how can one optimize content — to create the MOST powerful.

Google Unskippable Labs ran A-B tests of experimental videos, disguising them as … Read More