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Instagram to InstaGrat – Gen Z Myth?

Gen Z shoppers, defined in many corners as age 23 and under, want instant gratification — they want everything now!

Or do they? A recent study suggests THAT definition from many corners may be off.

A survey … Read More

17 Apr '18

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Alexa, Remind me to Worry about Alexa

Doorbell rings. You answer. Amazon delivery. With a package. And inside? A box of detergent. You wonder, aloud, “I don’t remember ordering detergent from Amazon….” Behind you, Amazon Alexa glows, answering “I ordered it. You were running low.” According … Read More

29 Mar '18

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Ballplayer Comedians

Athletic superstars have always been the darlings of advertisers, being a sure-fire way to promote awareness of their products and get people to listen. But Saturday Night Live-Esque skits with professional athletes to promote an upcoming season are like … Read More

23 Feb '18

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Fake it Like You Make It

We overheard someone say to their employee that the review found online by their company was fake. But how did he know it was fake? He made it himself.

He was the owner.

This got us thinking … Read More

16 Jan '18

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Sound good enough to buy?

Sirens: worried.

Screams: scared.

Ice Cream Truck: excitement

…if you’re a kid

Those sounds cause feelings.  Marketers are starting to use these sounds and the emotions that come with them to their advantage — to leverage more senses, and … Read More

Bandwidth Marketing Named a Global Leader in Direct Marketing

Last week, B2B research firm Clutch announced Bandwidth Marketing’s inclusion in their top 15 Global Leaders in direct marketing. The announcement, which lasted a full week, featured over 475 leaders in their research across more than 40 service segments, … Read More

07 Nov '17

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The 2 Person Sweatshirt of Currency

We’re not kidding. Someone actually invented a 2-person sweatshirt, labeling it as a romantic item. When flower petals or soft music won’t do, the solution must be to share a hot outer garment with your significant other, getting to know … Read More

03 Oct '17

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Those who liked this blog, may also like … satire?

Quick – how did your crew decide where to eat out last time?   Place you saw walking down the street? OR did someone suggest a place they heard about…online?

For most of us, most likely, the latter.

That’s because … Read More

06 Sep '17

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Is Generic a Brand?

Ever wondered how much your kitchen knives would cost you if they didn’t have the brand name on them?

According to Brandless, about 40% less than what they sell for, apparently.

Brandless is a new online shop that’s … Read More

15 Aug '17

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I, Robot Negotiator

Chatbots. They’re the text-based cousin to Alexa, Siri, and the other electronic smarty pants personal assistants. But realistically, many chatbots are just FAQs redesigned as text bubbles. Inoffensive, but not really all that useful.

To really give chatbots a … Read More