September 5, 2019

The Whole Tooth & Nothing But the Tooth

Quipcare App


Tech has invaded all aspects of our lives to create savvy shortcuts. We’ve seen company’s reinvent industries to be customer-focused, and there’s an app for almost everything. But up until now, the dental industry hadn’t really put their money where their mouth was, in terms of disruption and tech innovation. 

Until Simon Enever and Bill May. First, they brought people back to the basics of dental hygiene, creating the Quip toothbrush, an Instagram-worthy design that brought some slick appeal to the humdrum task of tooth care. They incorporated the now-popular subscription option as well, to replace those busted up bristle buddies  

More importantly, however, they also are just now launching into a vertically integrated’ mode by acquiring the alternative dental insurance company, AFORA, looking to make dental insurance more accessible and prices more transparent and up-front.  

According to Dr. Larry Franks, 74 million Americans had no dental coverage in 2016, and one-third of those with insurance have not visited their dentist in over a year. Back in plaque!

Part of this fall-off is because dental insurance information can be confusing. So Quipcare and Quipcare+ have been formed, using pre-negotiated rates that ultimately answers the question of what one is paying for, and why. Plus, they offered discounted deals on the dental care itself, and rewards for regular checkups. Qupipcare and Quipcare+ launched in NYC this summer and will be available nationwide soon after. 

Interestingly, Quip ‘design’ — simple, sleek, and functional — was applied not only to products but also to services now as well. With focus and smart thinking, the brand ‘cues’ transfer readily across offerings, and build on one another in a relevant, memorable way. Most importantly, all was created with the customer mindset, and mouth, front, and center.