August 6, 2018

#52 Navigating Markets in an Era of Movements

Social change is happening all over the world, and it’s about time. However, social movements can throw a wrench in the old ways of marketing. Using humor as a tool to promote products and market for brands, companies often missed the mark and offended. In today’s episode of the IdeaPod, Rob and Emma talk about the recent Jack in the Box “Jack’s Bowls” advertisement to promote the restaurants new Teriyaki Bowl menu items. The advertisement pushes the boundaries of appropriate workplace etiquette, and in light of the Me Too movement, misses the mark. Can brands use humor appropriately to push products and market in today’s world? If you haven’t seen the commercial, you can take a look at it in the link below.

Jack in the Box Just Launched One of the Most Tone-Deaf Ads of the #MeToo Era

Still from the “Jack’s Bowls” ad spot.