November 8, 2018

Influencers Are Just Like You…Or Are They?

Influencer marketing is all the rage right now, but is it becoming less authentic?

In September, influencer agency Village Marketing created a Soho penthouse “studio” for influencers to rent out. The idea is simple enough- the invite-only space can be rented out for free, for a few hours at a time, and influencers can shoot their photos and videos there.

Village Marketing’s Vicky Segar says that many influencers’ reaction has been “This is just what we need!” – but what happens when consumers start to notice their favorite influencers in the same “cookie-cutter” space? Is providing a standard backdrop taking out a step in the creative process?

Segar pointed out that no one is pretending this is their home; content creation is simply an influencer’s job. On the flip side, if customers feel like they’re being schmoozed by a less-than-authentic storyteller, they’re not going to fully trust the advertisement or the source.

Influencers have a tricky job- they need to highlight a product and make us, the consumers, feel like our lives, too,can be improved with this detox tea…those shoes…the perfect hiking backpack…whatever it may be. A made-up “studio” might be the most aesthetically pleasing, but wasn’t influencer marketing created to feel like we’re getting recommendations from a friend instead a team of marketers in a boardroom?