April 30, 2020

How Do Different Age Groups Search C-19? OK, Boomer

So there’s ANOTHER way Boomers are different from everyone: notable media consumption variance during these lock-down days

A Global Web Index study, beautifully illustrated by Visual Capitalist, lays out all age groups in media consumption tracking and info gathering.

Getting quick caveats out of the way (the study was US/UK only; 16-64, so no tykes; and 4000 sample size), but there are interesting shifts noted in these unparalleled times. Our highlights of their highlights?

  • Overall, people are searching for far more MUSIC online than ever — , increasing over 50% except for…Boomers
    • “Hey, I like what I like…no need to explore.”
  • More than 50% of Gen Z are watching more online video
    • “Yes! No school monitors.”
  • Gen Z are the only generation searching more for music than news
    • “Whenever I get afraid, I whistle a happy tune….”
  • Millennials and Gen X had 35% and 45% increases in broadcast TV consumption, respectively
    • “…and IF I see commercials, they better feel pretty damn real now…”
  • Interestingly, one of the few spots Boomers ranked highest? Trying to stay OFF the internet
    • “Am I more Zen, or just more tired?”

Given some of us are Boomer bracketed barely, hoping the ‘off-the-net’ trend is more indicative of centeredness vs. simply fatigue in waiting on an old laptop’s spinning beach-ball mode.

Additionally, we’ve all heard much about how this unprecedented quarantine will change business, from more home office-ing, to more virtual meetings, to more cause-oriented efforts across the board — all positive developments where feasible, in our opinion. 

As a hefty side note, the fact that pollution is down immensely across the globe does cause one to pause about what is truly needed daily — especially in the seeming ‘overabundant’ US. Even as a marketing firm, we’d see ‘essentialism’ as a great goal, with efficiency, and efficacy at the core, still driving innovation.

Hey — maybe we move from ‘Hyper-Consumerism’ to ‘Essential-Capitalism’ — to bitcoin a new phrase.

Stay safe, everyone.