May 25, 2017

Bandwidth Featured Among Clutch’s Top Chicago Agencies

At Bandwidth, we listen. We don’t come into partnerships touting our pre-determined solutions. Instead, we focus on creating solutions that work for each individual client… individually. In each engagement, we work hard to get to know our clients and keep up with their ever-changing advertising and branding needs. Today, we’re grateful that some of these clients have spoken out about our ability to listen on Clutch, and their voices have ranked us among Chicago’s leading advertising agencies.

Clutch performs continuous research in the creative, advertising, and marketing fields. Their work, already covering hundreds of companies, delves into the market presence, previous experience, and capabilities of each firm on their site. In a departure from traditional directories, Clutch’s research includes conversations with clients that take a deep-dive into the engagement, focusing on services provided and results of each partnership.

Three of our clients have shared their experience with Clutch, highlighting multiple marketing campaigns, various creative services, and branding efforts. Here are some of the things our clients have had to say:

One client, a medical device company, highlighted the success of our branding efforts:

“The branding work they’ve done for us really showcases what differentiates our company. Every time we take an idea to Bandwidth Marketing Group, we’re constantly amazed. They have the ability to take one small idea and run with it. What they provide in return is always elevated when compared to what we initially expected. Bandwidth Marketing Group surpasses our expectations at every turn.”

This client also complemented our project management and timeliness with deadlines:

“Bandwidth Marketing Group’s project management is very impressive. In my experience, the client is generally the one pushing the deadline. Bandwidth works with deadlines, and they push us toward those deadlines. They make sure we get what we want when we need it. The discipline they have around the milestones needed to complete a project is something that sets them apart. The timeframe we agree to is somewhat gospel to them.”

Another client at a financial services company complimented the quality of our creative work:

“The quality of their ideas is what sets them apart. That includes imagery, copy, and campaign ideas. They always come up with something brilliant and creative. If you’re running a digital campaign, you’re getting more clicks and more calls with the ideas that Bandwidth runs.”

Finally, our third client to speak with Clutch compared us to our competition, putting us on top:

“The quality of their work is great. It’s always incredibly well thought through. Their creative conceptualizing process is by far, the most superior thing they offer. They follow through with design and creating mechanicals. Their production and copywriting were all solid as well.”

Our ability to listen has already led to success in the cases of these three clients, and we’re proud that our ideas and strategies are as unique as our clients are. We look forward to growing our agency alongside these incredible and continuing to hear what they have to say about us on Clutch.