June 6, 2017

Domino’s Can Turn Your Lights on For You

Remember the good ‘ol days, when you’d order pizza for delivery and wouldn’t have a clue on timing? And then out of nowhere, the pizza guy would show up at the door unannounced?

Your front porch lights aren’t on, and you didn’t grab the cash yet. It’s hectic — and it’s PIZZA!

Well, now, gone are the days when those days, forever! Domino’s has found an innovative way to make your pizza experience a ‘10 out of 10, would recommend.’

They’ve partnered with CP+B, and IFTTT, to have certain events triggered by a device using ‘applets’ — a mini-app that is triggered by ‘events.’   

So by connecting the IFTTT applet and the Domino’s Pizza Tracker app, you get updates on your pizza’s progress:

  1. Order being prepped
  2. Order in oven
  3. Order out for delivery
  4. Order ready for pickup

But what’s really impressive is that during each of these stages, you can link up IFTTT for other ‘smart’ actions — like “turn off the outside sprinklers” when your order is being delivered.   Or at stage 2/Order in oven, your favorite song, “Money Money Money’, comes on to remind you the to find your cash. That is if you’re old school enough to still use cash.

What does this mean for the future? Because companies are transitioning over to being service-oriented providers, they are looking for the next best thing.

Customers are seeking out memorable experiences.

If we knew that every time we ordered a Domino’s pizza and could control and link up having our favorite song play, or have a reminder to set the table, we may just be customers for life. Or at the very least, think lovely thoughts about Domino’s.

It will be interesting to see how this will pan out not only for Domino’s, but for prospective services as well.

We predict a lot more personalization apps to create memorable customer experiences. The customer service experience will have more pressure to perform at a higher level, and customers might get more impatient with the “current” state of experince.

Asynchronicity and anonymity is a thing of the past… as Domino’s new technology is leading us to the future.