December 6, 2017

Bandwidth Marketing Named a Global Leader in Direct Marketing

Last week, B2B research firm Clutch announced Bandwidth Marketing’s inclusion in their top 15 Global Leaders in direct marketing. The announcement, which lasted a full week, featured over 475 leaders in their research across more than 40 service segments, so it’s safe to say we’re in good company.

Clutch’s research is an ongoing effort to offer business buyers the information they need to make empowered hiring and partnering decisions. Their team uses a methodology that includes more than one dozen qualitative and quantitative criteria to examine each agency’s past performance and proven ability to deliver great results. The 7,000+ companies currently included in Clutch’s research range from IT shops to advertising agencies to, of course, direct marketing agencies.

For each company on the platform, Clutch collects and verifies in-depth client reviews. During phone interviews and on an online form, clients are encouraged to share details about the services offered during the engagement, any measurable results, and each agency’s project management. Client comments, along with star-ratings, are the most important piece of Clutch’s ranking system. With 5 reviews on our Clutch profile, Bandwidth stands at a 4.9-star average (out of 5).

We couldn’t be more proud of what our clients have had to say:

“Their performance was terrific. We did everything either over conference calls or various conferencing calling platforms where we could screen share. The timing was efficient, and their follow through was also good. They seem to have a very tight team. When you talk to one person, the other people seem to know what’s going on immediately and can do the fulfillment. We were very pleased. We also had a couple of projects that popped up midway through the engagement. Bandwidth was good at adapting what we were working on to fill the additional needs that we had.”

“I felt as if we knew somebody who was taking care of us individually as opposed to two corporations working together. Our communication was very warm and informal. I had confidence when they said they’d get something done, it was going to get done.”

“They… were very interested in pushing us at the margins to think about things, some of which we accepted and some which we thought were a little bit too far afield for the financial community. The fact that we went through some of those options that they provided was a really good exercise for us to consider the way we were presenting ourselves.”

Clutch’s announcement means so much to us because our clients won it for us. We’re so grateful to each client that has spoken with Clutch so far, and we can’t wait to see where our clients take us with Clutch’s Chicago-based and global research in the future.