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15 Feb '18

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#41 The Design of Everyday..Doors?

Episode Forty-One of the IdeaPod. In this episode, Rob and Allisha talk about the bad design of everyday objects and why door design can be so frustrating.

The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman 

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08 Feb '18

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#40 Bathroom Break’s Over it’s Time for the Ads

Episode Forty of  the IdeaPod. In this episode, we discuss the Latest & Greatest: we talk about our favorite ad from the Big Game because the ads and the food are the best part.

Check out the ad we discuss

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01 Feb '18

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#39 Introducing Side Project | Interview with Rob White

Episode Thirty-Nine of the IdeaPod. In this episode, we introduce a new segment called Side Project where Rob interviews Creatives about the passion projects that they do outside the normal 9 to 5. This week Rob interviews Rob White (Yes, … Read More

16 Jan '18

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Sound good enough to buy?

Sirens: worried.

Screams: scared.

Ice Cream Truck: excitement

…if you’re a kid

Those sounds cause feelings.  Marketers are starting to use these sounds and the emotions that come with them to their advantage — to leverage more senses, and … Read More

21 Dec '17

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#38 Bye Bye NYE

Episode Thirty-Eight of the IdeaPod. In this episode, Rob interviews his co-host, about why she likes marketing and about her side project. Sadly this is the last episode with Michelle as she is leaving us for the Big Apple. Watch … Read More

14 Dec '17

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#37 Just “Crash” It

Episode Thirty-Seven of the IdeaPod. In this episode, using the idea crash brainstorm technique, Rob and Michelle come up with ideas by crashing random objects with well-known brands.

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07 Dec '17

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#36 FMAO (Freezing my A** off)

Episode Thirty-Six of the IdeaPod. In this episode, we show you how we solve our people problems through creative solutions with our section, “Pick Our Brains”.

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Bandwidth Marketing Named a Global Leader in Direct Marketing

Last week, B2B research firm Clutch announced Bandwidth Marketing’s inclusion in their top 15 Global Leaders in direct marketing. The announcement, which lasted a full week, featured over 475 leaders in their research across more than 40 service … Read More

30 Nov '17

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#35 Holiday Stuffing

Episode Thirty-Five of IdeaPod. In this episode, we discuss the Latest & Greatest: Heathrow Bears

2016 Spot 2017 Spot

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23 Nov '17

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#34 Thanking Gives- A Reverse Brainstorming Technique

Episode Thirty-Four of Idea Pod. In this episode, we talk about stormbraining… or reverse brainstorming. Thanksgiving Edition.

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