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03 Oct '17

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Those who liked this blog, may also like … satire?

Quick – how did your crew decide where to eat out last time?   Place you saw walking down the street? OR did someone suggest a place they heard about…online?

For most of us, most likely, the latter.

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28 Sep '17

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#26 Two Great Lists, One Killer Combo

Episode Twenty-Six of IdeaPod. In this episode, we teach you new brainstorm techniques. At the end of the podcast you should be able to utilize these techniques and start brainstorming away.

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21 Sep '17

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#25 IdeaPod goes POP!

Episode Twenty-Five of IdeaPod. In this episode, we talk about BIG Ideas under 5 minutes… Yeah.. that’s it. Pretty Self Explanatory. We randomly pick a company name and come up with an idea under 5 minutes…or so. So listen to … Read More

14 Sep '17

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#24 Lights, Camera, Clickbait!

Episode Twenty-Four of IdeaPod. In this episode, Rob and Michelle try to identify movies based on clickbait headlines.

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07 Sep '17

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#23 Finding the Greatest Creative for Hacks

Episode nineteen of IdeaPod. In this episode, we discuss the Latest & Greatest: HP the Wolf

Check out the eerie spots here: Wolf 1 and Wolf 2

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06 Sep '17

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Is Generic a Brand?

Ever wondered how much your kitchen knives would cost you if they didn’t have the brand name on them?

According to Brandless, about 40% less than what they sell for, apparently.

Brandless is a new online shop that’s … Read More

31 Aug '17

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#22 Hear some Slammin’ Ideas

Episode Twenty-Two of IdeaPod. In this episode, Rob and Michelle throw brands and ideas at the wall and see what sticks.

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24 Aug '17

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#21 The Gift of Our Brains

Episode Twenty-One of the IdeaPod. In this episode, we show you how we solve our gift giving problems through creative solutions with our section, “Pick Our Brains”.

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17 Aug '17

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#20 The Man Behind the Pod

Episode Twenty of the IdeaPod. In this episode, Michelle interviews Rob Albertson, Managing Director of Bandwidth Marketing.

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15 Aug '17

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I, Robot Negotiator

Chatbots.  They’re the text based cousin to Alexa, Siri, and the other electronic smarty pants personal assistants.  But realistically, many chatbots are just FAQs redesigned as text bubbles. Inoffensive, but not really all that useful.

To really give chatbots … Read More