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06 Aug '18

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#52 Navigating Markets in an Era of Movements

Social change is happening all over the world, and it’s about time. However, social movements can throw a wrench in the old ways of marketing. Using humor as a tool to promote products and market for brands, companies often missed … Read More

30 Jul '18

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#51 Knock Off or New Wave?

In the age of having thousands of options at one’s finger tips, how do baby brands stand-out, especially in markets that are dominated by giants? In today’s episode of the IdeaPod, Rob and Emma attempt to market for a new, … Read More

23 Jul '18

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#50 Something for Everyone!

Have you ever woken up the next morning with a slammin’ headache due to a night out or a friend’s birthday party, and cracked open a Pedialyte to relieve the hangover? Or thrown some baby powder in your hair in … Read More

11 Jul '18

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#49 The Man Behind the Mic

Episode Forty- Nine of the IdeaPod. In this episode, we introduce you to the man with the Big Brain who bosses the other big brains around! Meet Rob, managing director at Bandwidth Marketing, and the smooth talker behind the mic … Read More

Instagram to InstaGrat – Gen Z Myth?

Gen Z shoppers, defined in many corners as age 23 and under, want instant gratification — they want everything now!

Or do they? A recent study suggests THAT definition from many corners may be off.

A survey … Read More

17 Apr '18

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Alexa, Remind me to Worry about Alexa

Doorbell rings.  You answer. Amazon delivery.  With a package. And inside? A box of detergent. You wonder, aloud, “I don’t remember ordering detergent from Amazon….” Behind you, Amazon Alexa glows, answering “I ordered it. You were running low.” According … Read More

05 Apr '18

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#48 The Twisty Carrots

Episode Forty- Eight of the IdeaPod. In this episode, we come up with big ideas in under five minutes. We come up with creative solutions for the produce delivery service Imperfect Produce. Rock on Twisty Carrots.

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29 Mar '18

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Ballplayer Comedians

Athletic superstars have always been the darlings of advertisers, being a sure fire way to promote awareness of their products and get people to listen. But Saturday Night Live-esque skits with professional athletes to promote an upcoming season are … Read More

29 Mar '18

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#47 As American as Redbull, Pizza, and Baseball

Episode Forty-Seven of the IdeaPod. In this episode, Rob and Natalia talk about one of the latest and greatest things we’ve seen. We talk about the new RedBull prank video featuring Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant. With some help from RedBull … Read More

22 Mar '18

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#46 Rusty Nails to Thingamabobs

Episode Forty-Six of the IdeaPod. In this episode, Rob and Natalia put two unlike objects together to come up with new products based on those objects. Yes, it is as weird and fun as it sounds. 

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