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29 Jan '10

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Yo-Yo Ma MashUp

Crossover categories can be big, and musical taste is a subjective, eclectic arena at times. But who at Sony Music decided there might be a Yo-Yo Ma market among Passion Pit fans, as they popped this ad up alongside … Read More

19 Jan '10

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iPhone App$$$

Would you pay $1000 for an iPhone App?  Maybe if it helped you pass the Bar Exam. A new category of ultra-expensive Apps have hit iTunes — education Apps for professional exams.   Offline versions of same often hit $3-4K, … Read More

30 Dec '09

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Yes, this attached video is a bit of inside humor, but we think it’s funny no matter what bizness you’re in.

Actually, given everyone seems to be in the ‘I can make a funny viral video’ bizness, this skit’s relevant … Read More

23 Dec '09

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Tech and t-t-t-timing

After a recent bout of online Christmas shopping, a ski helmet we’d been checking out  kept on appearing on the non-ecommerce site we visited afterwards.   And in sites that REALLY weren’t related.  Music videos?   The ability to … Read More

15 Dec '09

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New Coke?

What an interesting turn around at Coke.  From the folks that didn’t know how to leverage the Mentos/Coke ‘exploding’ viral video, we finally see some swagger come out of the Coke Zero brand team.

In addition to sponsoring The … Read More

07 Dec '09

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Census Sense, Gender Style

According to the latest census data, men are taking it on the chin in this economy.

78% of the jobs lost in the last recession were men’s.  And this isn’t simply because more men are … Read More

01 Dec '09

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Web 3.OH!

Sure, social media are all the buzz. Though Twitter may wane, and Facebook deface, the notable elements behind social media is this: • the way we all communicate and engage continues to undergo a monumental shift • newer consumers continue … Read More

20 Nov '09

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ʇdıɹɔs ǝɥʇ dıןɟ

Can’t turn your monitor upside down?

We stumbled upon this novelty site and thought we’d share in the spirit of lightening up these darker winter days. and a host of other sites enable one to send messages upside … Read More

10 Nov '09

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Since we’re in marketing, we’re in the markets.

“This is all happening because my father didn’t buy me a train set as a kid.” – WARREN BUFFETT, joking about his decision to buy a railroad, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation. NY Times, November 3rd, 2009 Is this … Read More

03 Nov '09

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Baby-boomers still booming it.

Once a generation started to retire, conventional wisdom said they’d start acting like retirees. Cutting spending, locked into old ways — the implication was therefore that they weren’t worth the marketing effort.

But not baby boomers, … Read More