January 19, 2010

iPhone App$$$

Would you pay $1000 for an iPhone App?  Maybe if it helped you pass the Bar Exam.
A new category of ultra-expensive Apps have hit iTunes — education Apps for professional exams.  
Offline versions of same often hit $3-4K, if not more — so there’s a savings.  And, if the interface and interactivity are well-designed, this could spur a whole new valuable breed of App-ware.
Imagine this applied to Doctoral studies, Pre-med training, etc.  In fact, any college or professor with a killer curriculum might look into a way to package class up and make it mobile.  
The base versions of ‘offline’ classes have been done for years, from PBS-esque video series to Podcasts to more.  So leveraging the uniqueness of the iPhone will be key.
Imagine an architectural school creating augmented reality tours of key city structures.  Or a veterinarian prof doing an augmented reality tour of the zoo?
You listening, Career Education Corp.?  DeVry?  Hah-vahd….