March 22, 2010

When Lit Goes Rap Sampler: Hip-Hopifi-fiction?

Interesting article in Sunday’s NY Times book section about, among other things, the lifting of famous authors’ words to create new works.  Almost music sampler style.
So the mash-ups so popular in music might appear in the literary world?  Copyright and trade infringement effect everyone, though the lit class has somewhat dodged the sampling bullet, maybe because its a sleepier, older, and less profitable world to begin with.
I’m sure an attorney could argue against this statement.  Or for it, as attorneys do.
Anyway, in our creative way, it got our mash up brain’s thinking:  where else can one sample and combine for a synthesis of new off of the old?  Brands?  Sure Buckeye BBQ sauce Lays chips is just a start.  Maybe Intel Potato Chips?
Food for thought there.  
Mash ups are here to stay.  And cool stuff can be created…out of recreating.
In fact, this recreation is a fave of ours, for any of you who are amused by Charlie Rose, this is even more amusing: