May 17, 2010

Shine on Chrome

Google Chrome, that is.
This recent ‘ad’ from Google is fantastic, interesting, captivating…all in a simple product demo. 
No spoken words, just the power of moving pictures, worth 1000s of words, seen in a 1000th of a second.
The video production utilizes the Phantom high-speed camera capturing the high speed of Google Chrome…vs lightning…vs sound waves…vs…a spud gun.
It’s sheer fun, yet compelling. 
That’s why, in our minds, Google will continue to outstrip and outrun Microsoft.  Though search is still the mega-money pot at the Googleplex, we hope their drive for innovation continues to earn them converts and accolades. 
We’d pay for Google sites if we had to, or Google office.  And we’d NEVER have that feeling about Microsoft.
Chrome marketing, including their SuperBowl spot for Google search that relayed a whole romance in the speed of a Google search query, was simply appealing. 
Innovative products mirrored by innovative marketing causes us to root for Google.
That’s a far cry from the feeling one gets from the ‘softies in Redmond, and the tired, tried-too-hard Zune marketing work, or dinosaur print campaign (get it? you’re a dinosaur?! Ugh.)
Even the Crispin marketing agency’s “Windows was my idea” work, like Microsoft products overall, lacks magic and imagination
So here’s to hoping true innovation and a mission stating ‘don’t do evil’ can win out over the blast of Ballmer and bloated software driven by the dominant operating system.
Go Google.