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Those who liked this blog, may also like … satire?

October 3, 2017 | Javonta

Quick – how did your crew decide where to eat out last time?   Place you saw walking down the street? OR did someone suggest a place they heard about…online?

For most of us, most likely, the latter.

That’s because … Read More

Is Generic a Brand?

September 6, 2017 | Javonta

Ever wondered how much your kitchen knives would cost you if they didn’t have the brand name on them?

According to Brandless, about 40% less than what they sell for, apparently.

Brandless is a new online shop that’s … Read More

I, Robot Negotiator

August 15, 2017 | Javonta

Chatbots.  They’re the text based cousin to Alexa, Siri, and the other electronic smarty pants personal assistants.  But realistically, many chatbots are just FAQs redesigned as text bubbles. Inoffensive, but not really all that useful.

To really give chatbots … Read More

Meet Your New Coworker; A.I.

July 18, 2017 | BWM

Artificial intelligence has become more than just a computer that can school a human at chess.

A.I. can smooth out logistics, find kinks in assembly lines, and even help marketers…well…market stuff.

In the marketing world, A.I. programs can … Read More

This Is (Not Actually) Yoga

June 27, 2017 | Tim

“This Is Yoga” is the tagline featured in Lululemon’s first global ad campaign. Ironically, it depicts no actual yoga.

The commercial features DJ’s, martial artists and surfers sporting Lulu, and seems pretty intense for a brand toted by well-to-do soccer … Read More

Domino’s Can Turn Your Lights on For You

June 6, 2017 | Sabrina

Remember the good ‘ol days, when you’d order pizza for delivery and wouldn’t have a clue on timing? And then out of nowhere, the pizza guy would show up at the door unannounced?

Your front porch lights aren’t on, … Read More