July 2, 2014

Branded Twitter, Done Right

Navigating the Twittosphere can be a daunting for brands with internet troll harassment and unhappy customers hashtaggin’ displeasure. But social media is an integral part of branding now — so impossible to ignore. The key is doing it in a way that stays true to the brand, unique to the medium, while not ignoring the 2-way dialog inherent in tweeting. These brands, IOHO, seem to be doing it right.

Mediacom | @MediacomSupport

Sure – they may be boring, but it seems they’re aware of it. Mediacom doesn’t post witty entertaining content, but instead uses Twitter as a timely, effective customer service platform.

 American Airlines | @AmericanAir

Any airline company is gonna have a rough time on social. Grumpy travelers (and there are many) will no doubt take to twitter in a rage.  But American does a pretty decent job of navigating through the hashtag hatred and still posting interesting and fun content.  And given they’ve dealt with scandal during the incident sparked by a teen sending threatening tweets, followed by an arrest, American has definitely earned some social media cred.

american air

Oreo Cookies | @Oreo

Oreo is fun, funny, and witty on Twitter and takes their social game to a new level by reaching out, brand to brand.  They’ve gotten in some digital conversations with Old Spice, AMC Theatres, and Kit Kat on Social — a nice boon to all.


oreo2 oreo3

As branding becomes larger and more complex, it’s important to stay true to your brand, listen to the conversation and become a part of it.  Right @Oreo, @AmericanAir, and @mediacomsupport…?