January 25, 2017

Do you #knownearby ?

Google loves to explore the unknown…

By using the power of Twitter, Google has been able to learn and understand the language of Emojis. When you tweet [insert emoji] @Google, an automatic reply generates a GIF of a Google Search of [insert emoji] AND a link to nearby local [insert emoji] search results.

So Google leverages their network to gain insight and help spread awareness of local gems. Hopefully helpful for all, and firing up our curious, tech-turboed brains.

Yes, communication technologies have so rapidly evolved in a century. From pony express mail and the telegraph, thru to email, mobile and texting, the progress is almost overwhelming. Telepathy anyone?

That said, emojis, Instagram, and the power of picture, make us wonder: are we retrograding BACK to communicating with visuals alone? Lascaux paintings anyone?

And we’re even so drowning in data, the real need now is to turn those numbers into pictures that communicate – to translate into imagery that helps us all interpret quant, faster and better.

Hard to know where Google will take this knowledge. But it’s certainly relevant. Just take one look at a kids phone, and between YouTube, Snapchat, and emoji-only messages back and forth, perhaps the written word that email brought back, will see it’s power slow.

Because when we’re running at the speed of life, maybe we need that meaning-loaded image.

And an emoji is worth 1000 words….or at least 1000 likes.