February 7, 2017

The #1 Satirical SuperBowl Ad!

Yes, we came across this harrowing first-person account on the devastating bankruptcy caused by Cards Against Humanity’s Super Bowl ad attempt!

Oh sock puppet-spokesdogs, and gerbil-firing canons, we’ve missed ye.

And while no Kardashian’s were harmed in the filming of this spot, the all-too-common tale of a missed maga-TV-ad opportunity rings all too true.  Are you listening MasterLock?  Noxema?

Sure, Joe Namath had his day, but you’d think a 30-second SuperBowl ad that zeroes in on a lone potato would light up the switchboard.  

Wait, what’s a switchboard?  Sorry — #whatsaswitchboard.

Spoiler alert:  in all humor, there is truth.  And we love the truth herein.  

At times, satire can be as cringe-worthy as some game-playing-phrase combinations.

Oh, the humanity!  

And the Cards Against them!