March 2, 2017

World Within A World

We all know virtual reality is here to stay.

It changed the game for gamers. And has been changing the way marketers think.

With new ads like the Cisco Spark Space Hotel and 7UP’s Concert for the Deaf making waves, VR is open for sponsorship.

But the next frontier for advertisers appears to be Augmented Reality. VR, step aside for AR.

Augmented Reality differs from VR in one essential way — instead of placing you in a new world, it takes your world and works around that, bringing items from your real world into digital, or vice versa.

In fact, Pinterest has a new feature in the app called “Lens” that’s doing the latter.


Rarely are products ever name-dropped in online images. Ever spent time searching for that perfect shirt we saw in someone’s feed, with no clue how to find it? With augmented reality, and smart players like Pinterest, everything is a storefront. Or, rather, everywhere becomes a show room.

Branded content will never be the same.

What other uses could there be for this technology? Finding out what actors are wearing on TV? A digital magazine telling you what piece of furniture is placed in a space? The possibilities are endless.

Maybe in a few years we won’t even need to leave our house to find out how that shirt fits us. Just try it on through an app; then like, click, buy.