August 4, 2014

Coke Unscrewed : Successes and Challenges of Coke’s Experimental Marketing

Campaign: 2nd Lives
2nd Lives

This poignant idea addressed concerns on all consumers’ minds, while adding a fun twist. Although making 16 fun add-ons out of a coke bottle may not be significantly addressing environmental issues of plastic bottles, kudos for starting somewhere. And the concept still leaves consumers with positive thoughts of recycling — and innovation.

Campaign: Where will happiness strike next?

It sounds obvious, but Coke learned the hard way that while producing essentially carbonated sugar water, don’t play up how many calories are in the product — or any other questionable nutrition facts. And it may even be worse to ask your audience to physically experience how many calories you are putting into your body with just one Coke. Can this concept.

Campaign: Share a Coke

This campaign, being launched in the U.S this summer, has been a hit around the globe and for good reason. It plays on the simple desire for personalized products and makes it sharable. An understandable global success.