November 29, 2016

Caution: Testing in progress…

Everyone knows video ads on mobile can be powerful.  But Google being Google, they want to know how can one optimize content — to create the MOST powerful.

Google Unskippable Labs ran A-B tests of experimental videos, disguising them as “video ads” on YouTube.

Using varying factors, they were able to determine what works to get the audience’s attention in mobile videos.

Instead of getting deep within the analytics…here is the exec summary on mobile video ads more likely to have a higher view-through rate.

  • fast paced
  • horizontal
  • closer on people vs farther
  • super captioned (not actual close-captioned, word for word, but shorthand of the script, and bigger)

Of course, all things being equal, content can alter the, well, equality, in our opinion.

And that’s the art and science to the science.