July 8, 2015

Shark Week Attacked

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Shark Week is here. Known as “The Most Wonderful Week of the Year”, Shark Week has been leading Discovery Channel to huge success for almost three decades.

Who doesn’t love Sharks? And that may be why Shark Week came an entire month early this year.It seems a few networks were envious of the enormous gains Shark week brought Discovery.
So both Syfy and National Geographic Wild are showing Shark specials on Discovery’s staked out week, claiming, “We want you to confuse the two, and you will.”

Well now there’s blood in the water. Because Discovery moved feeding spots, and grabbed those luscious viewers a month earlier. Plus, they’ll end summer with an additional weekend of footage in late August. So you better bring a bigger boat.

And with 19 hours of prime-time programming now, Shark Week 2015 has the most ever. In TV as in the great deep, it’s eat or be eaten.