November 6, 2015


The holidays are upon us.  Even before Halloween this year.  Yes, Xmas marks the spot, ever earlier it seems.

Two years back, we penned a Huffington Post piece about our hope that more retailers would not push back the shopping start earlier, but would instead push back on that creep altogether.   Stores opening Thanksgiving night seemed the unkindest cut-rate of all.  And it’s creeping farther up now.

We’ll urge again:  #Givethanksgivingback.

We understand that shopping online is always available. In fact, some analysis puts 2015 holiday spending online at almost 50% of this year’s total. So retailers are looking for the season’s precious pop in dollars vs virtual stores.  

But time with family — or a forced day of rest — still seems a net positive in our over-shopped, over-committed lives.  

Don’t get us wrong — we LIKE retail.  But there can be too much of a good-s thing.

And there’s a chance for smart brands to get more notice by going the other way.

One high-profile note of late:  #optoutside, REIs campaign to shut stores on Black Friday.  Fitting for their brand. They’re about helping folks get outdoors, NOT hike down miles of Aisles.  Perfect.

Maybe the tide is turning?  Here’s to hoping we all take a true holiday break.  And Givethanksgiving back.