October 3, 2012

Ice Box Locks?

Everyone knows Ben and Jerry’s make some of the best ice cream around.  In fact, once a pint goes in the fridge, it’s hard to control those ‘everyones’ from eating ‘your’ ice cream.
Thus this pint-sized invention.
Instead of spending money on hidden cameras that survive deep-freezer temps, the marketing guys at Ben and Jerry’s found a less expensive solution:  the “Euphori-Lock”!
This combination lock attaches to the lid of a Ben and Jerry’s pint so you and only you can get that much needed calcium.
While we know this is somewhat fanciful (right, midnight-snack Dad?), the genius of marketing this is the implied irresistibility of Ben & Jerry’s creamy concoctions.
And the lengths lactate lovers will go to protect their Cherry Garcia or Americone Dream.
Maybe to extend this ‘campaign’ B&J can set up text alerts with functionality, reminding you of your ice cream break — or alerting you to an ice cream break-in.