September 13, 2012

Social Media for the Social Drinker

In honor of Oktoberfest starting late September, we’d like to honor innovations brewing in beer marketing.
Many beer brands have joined Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Hey, drinking’s a social thing.
But a tip of our hat (or tap of the pint) to the Guinness marketing team for devising a clever campaign that includes QR codes. 
Sure, everyone does QR codes now. 
But Guinness has done the rest one better, putting their QR codes on beer mugs.
And since Guinness beer is a dark, or stout beer, the QR code becomes visible only when the beer is full.
When you scan the mug using your smartphone, it tweets about your pint, updates your Facebook status, checks you in via Foursquare, downloads coupons and promotions, invites your friends to join you. 
Now your significant other can log on to Facebook, see how many pints you’ve really had, and check out which bar you’re at via Foursquare. 
Sorry all you light colored pilsners – your mugs won’t work.  Of course, depending on your significant other, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.