October 18, 2012


We’re not talking “in vino veritas” — we’re talking the Ryder Cup.

In its aftermath, let’s revisit the 19th hole and look at the note US captain Davis Love penned after final day defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory.

To those unaware of epic world events, the Ryder Cup pits the US against the world in a three-day dueling spree with long irons en garde. The US was looking like it would route this year — only to be foiled, final day, in a big way. Frankly, the Euros ‘won’ more than the US lost, but that’s little consolation.

In Davis Love’s thoughtful coulda-woulda-shouldas, we found 4 poignant, universal insights on success and the power of a team:

  1. There’s no embarrassment in losing—only in giving up.
  2. The feeling of winning or losing is very different for a team vs an individual. Individuals within a team make the playing more complex, but usually more rewarding and memorable as well.
  3. Any players sincere ownership in failure, and shared credit in success, is far more impressive than the actual win and loss – given the W & L ebbs and flows inevitably, for everyone.
  4. Grace and strength can shine brighter in a loss. Teams may solidify or shatter based on the way each individual, and especially the leader, handles losing as much as winning.
  5. In everything—marketing, business, life—the key is in how one handles the outcome. Tired but true: win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

At the end of the day, much of above relies on a core feeling: gratitude. A grateful perspective helps drives that ability to rejoice, no matter the score card.

Gratitude for the chance to play, and be on that team, trumps outcome. Heck – to be paid to play golf? For that we’d be eternally grateful (18 indexes unite!)

All this to us are the worthwhile lessons of the Ryder Cup, sport, and life itself. And we’re grateful for the ‘rounds’ we get to play every day.

So join us in tackling any Cup — being sure to see it as half-full to be sure.

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