December 7, 2009

Census Sense, Gender Style

According to the latest census data, men are taking it on the chin in this economy.

78% of the jobs lost in the last recession were men’s.  And this isn’t simply because more men are working.  One of the main reasons is the heavy losses in construction and manufacturing. 

Given women tend to be more represented in sectors of the economy less effected by the recession like health care and education, they are doing better.  

In addition, women are:

• 48% of the workforce but 52% of professional and managerial slots

 • graduating college at 1.6x the rate of men for the last decade

In the entire +25 population, starting in 2009 there will be more women than men college graduates.

All this could have a flow-through effect on:

• spending power

• shifts in marketing targets

• product innovation and invention that’s more gender focused

• who starts holding the door open for whom….