December 15, 2009

New Coke?

What an interesting turn around at Coke.  From the folks that didn’t know how to leverage the Mentos/Coke ‘exploding’ viral video, we finally see some swagger come out of the Coke Zero brand team.

In addition to sponsoring The Onion video segments (not for the faint of heart, but some like this are really funny), the Atlanta gang is leveraging some new technology to have unabashed fun.

So here is a link to Coke Zero’s latest social media idea:  with your permission, Coke looks through your pictures on Facebook and uses facial recognition software to find your doppelgänger anywhere in the world.    The results are convincing and sometimes eerie.

Quick. Easy. Engaging.  And effectively pitches Zero as Coke’s doppelgänger.

Plus, the results are cool enough to cause us to share the heavily-branded site  with our online cohorts like you.  Share a Coke and your smile…?
To find your own doppelgänger click below: