December 1, 2009

Web 3.OH!

Sure, social media are all the buzz.
Though Twitter may wane, and Facebook deface, the notable elements behind social media is this:
• the way we all communicate and engage continues to undergo a monumental shift
• newer consumers continue to become better producers
• groups and individuals now communicate, in concentric circles, at the same time
It’s a direct result of information shifting from hyper-centralized to decentralized.
What happened in retail, product, and other traditionally distributed consumer goods is now speeding up how we connect, talk, and transfer info.
One of the main reasons everything was centralized was Economies of Scale, a requirement that crumbles more with each increase in digitization and broadband internet upgrade.
Of course, quality of content and engagement still separates the wheat from the chaff, but since distribution is free, information, and its transfer, is increasingly de-centralized — bye-bye mainframes, and newspaper…hello hub, and blog.
In a tip of the hat to that free info, we’ll share one of our favorite sources info, the TED talks. Clay Shirky here sums up the implications of this communication revolution:
Enjoy. And transfer this info!