August 9, 2016

Simple Joys Make for Big Profits

In a galaxy far, far away — also known as Texas — Chewbacca Lady goes viral. 

For a while now, marketers have seen viral videos as A New Hope for advertising.   ‘Making’ a video has gotten even easier, more portable, and better looking – see the iPhone 6 campaign.

But the ‘sponsor’ dollars and involvement for random folks with selfie-videos has really ramped up of late.  

The rewards for Chewbacca Lady? $2,500 from Kohl’s just for her being herself   Plus she appeared at Facebook HQ, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and got $400,000 in scholarship money to Southeastern University.  

She even got her own action figure from Hasbro.

We’ve come a long way from the Diet Coke/Mentos geyser videos of the early 2000s – those weren’t even touched by Coca-Cola.

And far beyond the big game ‘make our commercial’ pushes that are getting somewhat tired, now clients can show more creativity, and ethos, based on how THEY react and what THEY do with the user-generated content.

Kudos Hasbro licensee, and the Star Wars/Disney team.

So maybe if you film your self doing something really clever you can reap in the rewards.  May the viral Force be with you.