October 13, 2014

Mourning in America: The Sad Finale for the Colbert Nation.

Yes, it’s true.  December 18th marks the final show for our favorite faux-pundit, Stephen Colbert.
As most know, he’s moving on to take over Letterman’s Late Show slot.
We will miss the brilliant satire this side of Swift and the staff’s amazing innovation through the years:
  • debating himself in split-live camera views — a ‘worthy opponent’
  • aping O’Rielly’s powerpoint segment in “The Word’, bullet-point slides that mocked the presenter
  • creating an actual Super PAC to show how bizarre the rules are
  • even running for actual South Carolina office, ‘sponsored’ by Doritos
We made the switch from the Daily Show to Colbert Report right at the start 9 years back — as did most of the best writers from the former, it seemed.
And in our humble opinion, Colbert is THE sharpest, smartest, and funniest comedy that’s been on TV.  Ever.
While we’re sad to see him retire the 1%-er extraordinaire, we hope that he can bring new life to The Late Show, pull a Fallon vs a Conan, and be able to keep the full smart-ass if not the fake smarmy ultra-rightness.
Thanks for the balls of fun, Stephen.