July 11, 2013

An Agency That Produces

For a long time, we at Bandwidth have put our money not into RFPs or blind pitches, but into product.

We’ve felt the agency that believes in its ability to gain awareness and drive sales should try their hand at literally producing items to fill a need they see.

Other agencies have been in that space too, creating candles, liquor, kids drinks, etc.
Kudos to us all.

Of course, we still believe in subject matter experts sticking to what they do best and outsourcing for faster, cheaper and, above all, better. For instance, a client’s in-house agency is not always the greatest at ‘a big concept’ — just sayin’.

But we see value in agencies understanding the total challenges for producers and service providers. When we’re told that our marketing meeting presentations are the most fun part of a client’s day, knowing the totality of getting product to market helps us understand the reason why marketing can sometimes be the only ‘fun’ part.

So we’ve been putting our money where our mouths, and ideas, are.

We crafted a new site to sell t-shirts from our favorite bars (

We built an idea with fellow clients around a kid’s social wristband (

And we’ve got another web concept in the offing.

While all of this might not distill the ‘cobbler’s child with no shoes’ snarking, it’s a start at thinking outside the agency box. Even if we have to pack and ship that box, too.