February 27, 2013

Guest Blog — Impact of weather on brand sales and image

Today’s post is by guest blogger Ben Disanti.

Whenever conversations involving weather and sales happen (and hopefully that isn’t that often – as it may mean you are working too much), the focus always seems to be on the negative impact certain weather conditions have on sales and brand image. I am trying to wait out a snowstorm in a Chicago airport. (Tried to attach a photo of what is happening here, but you’ll just have to picture it yourself.) As the saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,’ can aptly be applied here. I’ve never seen airport restaurants and stores as crowded as they’ve been today. I’m sure sales are surpassing their normal daily average by far. And, if the employees exhibit a positive demeanor, disheartened travelers will once again smile – even in the face of bad conditions.

As stated above, there is much coverage about the negative impact of weather on brands. What about positive experiences? What have been your positive experiences/interactions/stories/etc. when faced with negative weather influences (or negative influences of any kind)? I am looking to make comparisons between negative W-O-M and positive experiences on brands. Anything from your past would be helpful.