July 3, 2012

Oodles of Google Doodles

Google’s frequent Doodlehomepages add a splash of sparkle to our web surfing. 

Would you have known Earth Day if Google hadn’t transformed their logo in tribute?

Nice calendar reminder function, eh?  Bet you didn’t know when Frank Lloyd Wright’s birthday was either.  More indispensable water cooler trivia.
Google has created 300 Doodles in the U.S since ‘98 when their genesis was actually laziness and happenstance.
Their first Doodle displayed the Burning Man image, and told users the site
would be running unattended, like an “out of office” note.   But the

Burning Man bloop sparked a revolution, or at least a habitual bit of differentiation on the tabula rasa that is Google’s starkly simple home page. 


Now Google creates many Doodles commemorating events like the Venus transit, LEGO’s 50th anniversary, and Robert Moog’s birthday – ya know, the guy who invented the electronic synthesizer.
Anyway, Google Doodles are fun, visual reminders about events or random facts you can’t live without.  Kinda like what Google gets you every second of every day, right?