September 21, 2011

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Hear

Having problems with your business? Why not call up Nobel Prize winning economist Gary Becker to talk it over. Think your significant other is hiding something? Just get ex-FBI Special Agent Joe Navarro’s take on the matter. 

A start-up website called Expert Insight is making it easier for us common-folk to get advice from the best of the best. Customers can browse the list of experts from various fields and their hourly rates, select a time slot from their schedule, pay online, and video chat their way to enlightenment.

Most of the rates are pretty steep, but paying $400 an hour for Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron is still far more democratic than having to be accepted into Harvard and paying the $50,000 tuition. 

Although Expert Insight is still in its beta phase, it is an interesting attempt to improve our inefficient and unequal access to expertise. It’s another example of how the Internet has blown the top off of information access, especially privileged information (we’re looking at you, WikiLeaks). 

If you think you’re qualified or know someone who is, Expert Insight is accepting world-class applicants. Otherwise, you can work on your swing with an ESPN coach or talk strategy with a poker pro. 

You can even hire former call girl turned best-selling author Tracy Quan. She charges $750 an hour, just to chat.