June 7, 2011

Trick or Tweet

Twitter user @oldmansearch is apparently an 81-year old man who was told by his son that Twitter is how you search on Google.

You can imagine, peeking into an old man’s “searches” provides endless amusement: “Diane sawyer swimsuit pictures” — “Is alex trebek really smart?” —  “Doorbell volume.”  

Though @oldmansearch has racked up over 100,000 followers in a month, it’s probably fake. Hard to believe even a computer-illiterate senior citizen would continue searching without any actual results.

Most likely, this is someone hoping to capitalize on the success and subsequent TV deal around the ‘Sh** My Dad Says’ Twitter feed made popular years back.

Nonetheless, the account is a great example of how Twitter is leveraged for different purposes.  Companies like Dell effectively use it for customer service, TV networks use hashtags to connect with viewers, and others obviously use it for pure amusement.  Or to communicate live during turbulent times across the globe.

Twitter has become a viable people mover.   And from offers to awareness, it’s worth considering how your business objectives could be met by a tweak of these tweets.  

Just use under 140 characters.  Or one really old character.