February 22, 2011

Money is the Root of All Demotivation?!

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose motivate.  It’s been shown, time and again, yet is rarely used in today’s corporate structure.

At our link below, Dan Pink’s talk on this subject is captivatingly brought to life via pure-smelly-marker animation from RSA.  The talk, and illustration, are well worth witnessing.

Pink’s presentation describes research that showed money was a motivator for mechanical tasks.  Bigger carrot, better performance.

But when the task required cognitive skills, more money did the opposite.  When rewards are increased, performance will decrease. 

Social scientists have uncovered three factors that lead to better performance: autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Fundamentally, we feel the need to direct our own lives, overcome obstacles and live and work for something bigger than ourselves.

What would your work place look like if those motivators ruled?  How might you manage in your work place?

Think about it.  Now, back to the grindstone!