December 13, 2010


No, that’ s not the start of a bar song.

In the spirit of the season, we turn our thoughts at Bandwidth to food and spirits. And this new beer line caught our attention.

As you may know, women are becoming a bigger part of what was traditionally a male market for beer, in the US and abroad.

Some beer manufacturers have lowered the carbs and the calories to women, but Polish company, Carlsberg Polska, is making a bold move to create a beer just for women.

Their brew, Karmi, brings sweet flavors and complexity to the palette without pumping up the calories or alcohol content, so it’ s more in line with what health conscious women are looking for in a beer.

So far, Karmi comes in a handful of flavors: Classic (caramel), Poema di Caffé (coffee), Selua (pineapple/piña colada), and Lamai (guava, dragonfruit and mint.) All are sealed up in a luxurious bottle that feels far more elegant than most dude brews.

Clearly time to cue up a Dudes and Daquiris bar song after Auld Lang Syne.

Happy New Year!