July 19, 2010

A Politically Incorrect Political Ad

In the era of YouTube, ads like below can get SO much more widespread coverage and viewership thus creating more impact than ever before.

Kind of makes one wonder why so many political ads are still so dang boring and similar.

There’s a great book on this that was given to us from a very good friend (and perfect candidate, but that’s another story): Run the Other Way, by Bill Hillsman.

His main points are that the two-party system has so clogged the entryway to their own advantage with their own machines that the underdog, independent, clear thinker doesn’t really stand a chance.

Unless one takes a chance.

Well, this ad is risky and risque. And maybe not exactly our cup of tea party.

But it’s still refreshing to see someone in politics do something a bit out there.

In today’s nutty political world and now internet fueled movements, maybe there’s even more chance for change.