July 7, 2009

A Simple Web Banner Can Go a Long Long Long Way

Take a look at the amusing web banner from Pringles that we’ve attached below (the webpage itself is irrelevant — the ad is the feature, kind of like a bad SuperBowl match up.)
As you’ll see, each click of the banner image produces another amusing line. It’s dead simple. It takes as much time as you want (and it DOES go on and on.) And it leverages the medium well.
Sell more chips? Not necessarily. But it does create a memorable, positive brand experience better than an image-driven TV campaign. And the moustachioed icon wise-acre and the product, er, placement (you’ll see what we mean) help actually drive home Pringles. Plus you’re engaged by clicking to get more out of the ad.
Just goes to show you how far a simple, clever idea and a low-tech solution (by today’s web standards) can beat out all the pyro-techspecs.
Nice work, Cincinnati.