May 27, 2009

Twitter: Death by Spam?

If you’ve spent five minutes on Twitter and follow a crew, you get flooded by a torrent of info, mostly irrelevant, often useless.
Twitter vets filter the noise and recognize the signals.   
With that overload in mind, we were intrigued by Guy Kawasaki’s posting about Twitterhawk, a direct marketing tool for Twitter.   
Twitterhawk searches Twitter for your “key words” and allows you to set automatic or manual responses to these messages for $0.05 a pop.  Clearly, this is a company trying to create real value without biting the hand that feeds it.
But what happens when a spammer or group without scruples enters the market?    Twitterhawk could become Twitterhock.  And that would ruin everyone’s tweet.
The link to Kawasaki’s article: