April 4, 2017

How Not to Recover from E-Coli

We once revered Chipotle — the food, and the ‘tude.

The black and white billboards with just a massive, foil-wrapped burrito sang to us (yes, we hear music in mole.)

But lo how far they’ve fallen.

The once ‘anti-marketer’ now feels like it’s missing the burrito boat

The animated produce ads, a la Veggie Tales of 2 decades back? Lame humor and… rhymes!? The inability to seemingly get their act in order even on the ordering line (at times, we relent, and visit, despite the desire to not reward poor promotion.)

And now, this unbranded video series? You can smell the bad strategy: “let’s get 7-10 year olds ‘down with us’ – and their Mom’s will appreciate it too! And hey, how about a charity! And music stars!”

It’s a total 180º from their brand, mission, vibe.

Hey, hate to be a hater, but when one loves something, and sees it so poorly handled, especially in the messaging realm, it’s tough not to get all ‘online comment-y’ on their heads of lettuce.

Anyone want to open a competitive offering? Out of pure spite, we’ll work for guac.

Anyway, for now, we’ve washing our hands of this once fine brand. A fitting, tho sick, e-coli analogy.