February 16, 2012

Social Media, Mass Media, Me Media

As Twitter and other social media outlets continue to gain 140 character traction, it’s worth noting how old media is leveraging it.
Yes, man on the street output on TV and consumer radio call ins have been feedback fodder for decades, but never before has individualized chatter been so readily rolled up to show opinion, buzz, and topic title trends with such speed.
Now Bluefin Labs, a social media measurement company, is working with ABC News to bring to life the aggregate of social media mumbling on the single talking head TV news reports.   
Together, they immediately ranked Super Bowl ads.  All hail the Doritos cat-snuffing dog.  And they showed real time reactions to GOP debates (not that the anachronistic talking head structure merits real time feedback, but still…)
An interesting ‘mashable’ of elements here — social media showing up for partnership with old media.  And a one-voice, individual expression vehicle getting plugged back into a bigger megaphone by being rolled up into a mass voice once again.
Hmmmm — maybe our #tinyURL linked blog writing on #social media, #Bluefin labs and #ABC, can be rolled up with others for #GeorgeStephanapolous’ next script — just remove the #tag.