May 10, 2011

TV Hash Tag — You’re It.

The folks working in TV land have had a hard time with the rise of convergence and non-linear viewing habits. Hulu, anyone?
But recently, they’ve found a clever way to leverage Twitter to drive viewership. 
On Glee or American Idol lately, you might’ve noticed #Glee or #AmericanIdol lurking on-screen. These aren’t mistakes, but hashtags used to categorize topics on Twitter.
Comedy Central experimented with this during the Roast of Donald Trump.  Not only was #trumproast used more than 27,000 times on Twitter during the telecast, it helped propel the channel to its most-watched Tuesday in history. Another victory for the Donald, beyond his hair defying gravity.

Other TV networks are catching on to the trend — smart on multiple levels:
• Official hashtags aggregate Twitter chatter so it’s easier to monitor buzz surrounding your brand
• People are encouraged to watch in real time 
• Seeing a TV show trending on Twitter might compel others to tune in
Real-time, online conversations allow fans another level of engagement with their beloved programs. 
Maybe this is a way to make “Must Watch TV” a relevant phrase again.  Must tweet TV?  Hash tagged.