April 19, 2011

Just Kidding

Being in the creative marketing world, we’ve been called ‘childish’ often.  
Like when we put all those yoga balls in our reception area.  
Or when our voicemail greeting imitated French language lab:   ‘Ecouter, et repeter….   Beep!’

We take the ‘childish’ label as high praise.
To us, childishness can be about looking for the fun or the funny in almost anything.  
It’s about being pleasantly surprised by something new.
A childish sense of wonder, optimism, and limitless freedom  is ESSENTIAL in creativity.  
It’s the only real way to think big, new thoughts.
We’d argue that it’s essential in ANY aspect of business, and if you disagreed, we’d never ever ever talk to you again.  Period.
Limitless freedom to ‘adults’ means risk. Untried.  Not validated.  
And that’s frightening.
But new ideas are just that.   
And if we lived in fear of always skinning knees, we’d never run.
So, with all that in mind, listen to this erudite speaker’s lessons on what adults can learn from kids.  
And the next time someone calls you childish, just flick ’em.