February 1, 2011

The Brand is Dead. Long Live the Brand.

No, this isn’t a hi-falutin’ discourse on the state of the brand today.
But it is a shout out for the value of dead brands.  And what can be done with them in the right hands.
In our green, recycling way, we’ve been interested for a long time in dead or tarnished brands, and how great marketers (like these guys here), can bring them back to life.
While we haven’t acted on this yet, we’d like to.  
We appreciate what Brad Hittle and team did for Pabst and now Schlitz.  Not dead brands, but stale as 30 year old beer, and, yet, he revived ’em with smart positioning, packaging, and promotion.

And we marveled at this odd auction last fall in New York:
One random rep in attendance signed over a cashier’s check for about $2000 and ran off with the rights to failed, but hallowed, old magazine brand, Collier’s.
So, if you see a brand you want to revive, we’re big fans of fixer-uppers…and would be happy to help.  
“Murph, we’re gettin’ the brand back together!”