May 25, 2010

Karaoke iPhone App is For Gleeks

So a while back we wrote about how an artist and a technology company got together to leverage the iPhone and create a uniquely engaging app.  The rapper T-pain brought his songs via karaoke to the iphone with autotune, a pitch corrector, which allows anyone to sound like T-pain.   The app took off and was a viral success.

The tech guys behind this success are back for Fox’s hit show GLEE.  You can download a Glee app which will allow you to karaoke the same songs preformed by the cast of the show. Autotune will show how on pitch you are and will even correct your voice. 

Of course, It wouldn’t be an iPhone app if you couldn’t share it with the world via facebook etc.  

What a perfect fit for a TV show about a Glee club: a karaoke app that enables you to take the place of your favorite  character, sing their songs, and share it with other rabid fans of the show (AKA Gleeks).  The Glee app and songs are available for $0.99 on itunes.