October 12, 2009

iPhone App Rapp

What do you get when musicians, technicians, and comedians get together?  “I am T-Pain”, of course.

All this creative technological prowess has produced something totally useless but severely entertaining.

The iPhone app, brought to us by T-Pain himself, allows users to karaoke over T-pain’s songs in his trademark, auto-tune style — then share the ‘vocal stylings’ online or via email.

And not only does T-Pain promote himself, but he’s also leveraged his guest appearance in an SNL sketch for extra cash.   

For $0.99 more, you can buy the instrumental version of the hit SNL sketch “I am on a boat”   complete with Karaoke style lyrics.  

But wait there’s more!

Other’s lyrics need not limit you. There are instrumental songs a’plenty which allow you to “free style” your own poetry in emotion.  So watch out for Happy B-day, Mom, with an auto-tuned twist.

Appreciation of Hip-hop, SNL, or even the iPhone aside, one has to concede this is an entertaining interactive experience that promotes purely, while it pads the creators pockets a bit.

Could your own iPhone app music video be far behind?  Bring it, MileyBrittneyJonasWilco.  Wait, who’s Wilco?